Chipper Power Snacks are made with nutritious and planet-friendly cricket protein.

We believe that what our dogs eat can be healthful, fun and - with the right ingredients - a force of change.  We couldn't find a traditional "treat" that delivered, so we created our powerful and tasty snacks.

The Good Energy Snacks.

Happy Dog Image. Premium Cricket Protein Based Dog Treats.


Developed with veterinarians and animal nutritionists. 

Entomo Farm Image. Dog Treats Crafted With Human Grade Cricket Protein.


Crafted with human grade cricket protein and curated ingredients from the USA. 

Time to Mix it Up.

Power snacks made with cricket protein.  Crickets are rich in Omega 3s, B vitamins, and complete animal protein.  Just like us, our pups need protein variety!

Power Snacks. The Good Energy.


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Together we can nourish and delight our pups with premium snacks, while chipping in to take care of our planet. #CHIPPERPOWER